Restorative Dentistry in Jacksonville, Florida

We believe that restoring your oral health can be beautiful, too.

Everyone needs restorative dental care at some point in their lives, and Dr. West’s top priority is renewing your smile’s appearance as well as optimal function. Of disease, decay, or injury has compromised your healthy mouth, we offer a wide variety of restorative dentistry procedures that cover small corrective treatments like tooth-colored fillings to more comprehensive restorations like dental implants.

Our restorative dentistry care includes:

At Dr. West’s Jacksonville restorative dentistry practice, we offer modern, aesthetic solutions, because we believe that all types of dental work should consider the whole mouth, including the cosmetic components of your smile. After a personal consultation and full-mouth evaluation, Dr. West will work with you in creating and implementing a treatment plan to restore your smile’s foundation, function, strength, and beauty.

Porcelain Crowns

Because we’re so committed to cosmetic dentistry, we make sure to offer dental restorations that will leave you feeling great about your smile. Porcelain crowns can fix problems like broken teeth or very large cavities without comprising your appearance. Porcelain looks so much like natural tooth enamel, most people will never be able to tell a difference!

Root Canal Therapy

Do you like the idea of receiving as much of your restorative dentistry care in one place? Dr. West performs root canal therapy, allowing you to stick with the dentist and staff you know and trust through this sometimes unnerving dental care procedure. There’s really no reason to worry, though. Modern root canal therapy is a relatively comfortable experience, and with sedation dentistry, Dr. West makes it even easier.

If you’re concerned about the state of your smile, contact our Jacksonville dental office to make an appointment. We can figure out how to best tackle your oral health issues and which restorative dentistry procedures will help. We serve the entire area, including Riverside, Avondale, and Ortega.