Tooth Replacement in Jacksonville, FL

Dentures, partial dentures, and fixed bridges can help keep you smiling in the face of dental damage.

Why should you replace missing teeth? Missing teeth can lead to a number of oral health problems, including changes in bite, the loss of more teeth, a greater risk for gum disease and tooth decay, and change in facial shape. Obviously, you need teeth to be able to eat properly, and missing teeth can lead to problems with nutrition, especially if you’re missing all of the teeth along a single arch. That’s why we offer multiple forms of tooth replacement at West Dentistry in Jacksonville, Florida, including dentures, partial dentures, and fixed bridges.

Dentures and Partials

Dentures have been used to replace teeth in some form or fashion for hundreds of years. With modern dental care techniques and materials, dentures can fit great and be more comfortable than in the past. Dentures and partials help you maintain your youthful appearance by filling out your face when missing teeth are causing sagging, give you back the ability to eat properly, and restore your smile to a healthier appearance. Full dentures fill out your smile when you’ve lost all of your teeth, while partial dentures fill in the spaces left behind by a few missing teeth by clasping onto remaining teeth. While some worry about the possibility of slipping when wearing dentures, a well-fitting denture should remain relatively stable when you’re wearing it. Dr. West creates high-quality, well-fitting dentures and partials to ensure your comfort and peace of mind.

Fixed Bridges

Fixed bridges are a non-removable form of tooth replacement perfect for replacing a single missing tooth or a few missing teeth in a row. The replacement tooth or teeth are held in place with crowns. Made from porcelain, fixed bridges look very natural, and because they’re non-removable, they don’t pose the danger of slipping that comes with dentures.

You may also want to consider dental implants for tooth replacement. To find out more about your options and discuss your specific situation with Dr. West, contact us to make an appointment. We serve Jacksonville, Riverside, Avondale, and Ortega, offering comfortable and reliable tooth replacement to those who need it.