Neuromuscular Dentistry in Jacksonville, Florida

Experience greater comfort and function with help from Dr. Jacqueline West.

TMJ dysfunction can seriously disrupt your ability to lead a happy, carefree, and comfortable life. Even a slight misalignment of the jaw joint can cause chronic jaw, face, head, neck, and shoulder pain. Neuromuscular dentistry from our Jacksonville, FL dental office offers ways to bring your jaw into proper alignment, alleviating pain and protecting your joint and teeth from damage.

Neuromuscular dentistry takes a different approach from traditional TMJ treatment, focusing on the muscles and nerves to relax the jaw into proper position. Your muscles, nerves, bones, and teeth all work together, so we can't simply treat one aspect of the system to bring about harmony; neuromuscular dentistry keeps this in mind when alleviating your TMJ-related pain and dysfunction.

How do you know if you need TMJ treatment with neuromuscular dentistry? The symptoms of TMJ dysfunction include:

Sometimes, TMJ-related headaches are actually diagnosed as migraines. If you suffer from chronic severe headaches, explore the possibility of TMJ dysfunction with neuromuscular dentist Dr. Jacqueline West in Jacksonville, Florida before settling on a migraine diagnosis. We want to make sure that you get the treatment you need and deserve to alleviate chronic pain associated with TMJ dysfunction.

We use special neuromuscular dentistry technology to bring the jaw into alignment and design your TMJ dysfunction treatment plan. We can assess the exact originating point of your misalignment and provide you with solutions for your TMJ pain.

So if you have chronic pain, contact our Jacksonville, FL dental office to discuss neuromuscular dentistry treatment. We serve the entire area, including Riverside, Avondale, and Ortega, bringing modern and advanced care to our community to help patients lead healthy, comfortable lives.