Advantages of Full-Arch Dental Implants vs. Dentures

Advantages of Full-Arch Dental Implants vs. Dentures

If you are experiencing multiple missing teeth or are completely without teeth, full-arch dental implants may be a great solution to restore your smile, oral health, and oral function while renewing your self-confidence. Our dental implant dentist in Jacksonville, FL, can guide you in the right direction of choosing which option is best for you.


Typically, in the past, if a patient had multiple missing teeth, a dentist in Jacksonville, FL, would recommend a dental bridge or denture. Dentures are prosthetics that rest on the gums. As time progresses, missing a tooth root to stimulate healthy bone growth will lead to receding bone, causing the denture to fit poorly.

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Poor-fitting dentures may cause physical discomfort and embarrassment due to slipping. As such, many patients use messy adhesives to help their dentures stay in place or may have to return to their dentists for frequent adjustments.

Dental Implants

Dental implants offer patients a long-term, stable, and reliable alternative to dentures. Dental implants can be placed along with a prosthetic that is attached or snapped in place. This removable feature allows for a more convenient option, with more fixed and permanent options also available.

A dental implant specialist places six to eight dental implants into the jawbone, replacing the natural tooth roots’ function of stimulating healthy bone growth. Once the treatment site has been allowed to heal, usually three to eight months, the prosthetic is attached for restoration purposes. In many cases, bone grafting may be done before surgery and allowed to heal to ensure the implant placement is successful.

The implant post also removes the issue of bone degradation. With a sturdy foundation, there’s no need to worry about slipping, clicking sounds, or discomfort often associated with dentures. Also, patients can eat the foods they enjoy again as these prosthetics do not have a palate like dentures that limit a patient’s ability to taste.

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With new, more stable options, there’s no need to continue dealing with the hassle of dentures. To learn more about your tooth replacement options, schedule an appointment with our dental implant dentist in Jacksonville, FL.