An Introduction to the Dental Implant Procedure!

An Introduction to the Dental Implant Procedure!

Not a lot of people know about the dental implant process but may want to as the popularity arises.

To put it simply, the dental implant procedure involves placing a titanium implant into the jaw and attaching a ceramic crown. Once the jawbone has fused to the implant, creating a root-like structure as a natural tooth does, the crown is secured into place.

Expectations Vary Per Patient

The methods of achieving the outcome are varied, according to the condition of the implant site. The fastest procedure is done in a single day and can be performed if the patient has healthy gum tissue and sufficient bone density in the jaw.

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The most complicated dental implant procedure occurs if the bone structure is not strong enough to take an implant, or if there simply isn’t enough bone. It is more common to not have enough bone in the upper jaw, below the sinuses. In these cases, a bone graft may be required. If bone grafting is necessary, your dental implant procedure will take up to six months.

If a tooth needs to be removed, your dentist may place the dental implant on the same day as your extraction. The procedure will include a temporary crown, which will be replaced with a permanent crown three to six months later, once the bone fusion has taken place.

An ‘Ordinary’ Implant Takes Place in Stages:

  1. At the first appointment, the implant is placed in the jawbone and left to fuse for three to six months.
  2. A post, called an abutment, is placed in the implant.
  3. Casts are then taken of the teeth and a crown made. The crown is then cemented onto the abutment.

Looking for Dental Implants?

If you think that a dental implant procedure is what you’re in need of, consider scheduling a consultation with our doctor. We will be able to inform you on the process and which procedure is best for you! Visit our office today!