The Four Types Of Dental Implant Restorations

The Four Types Of Dental Implant Restorations

A dentist in Jacksonville, FL, may recommend dental implants if a patient is experiencing missing or damaged teeth. There are four types of dental implant restorations that can be used to replace missing teeth. These four types of restorations are called single tooth implants, implant-supported bridges, full mouth acrylic, and full arch zirconia.

Each type of dental implant restoration has its own benefits and drawbacks, so it is important for patients to choose the right one for their specific needs.

Dental Implant Restoration Types

A single tooth implant is the simplest type of dental restoration and is most often used when a tooth has been lost due to injury or decay. The single tooth implant is placed directly into the jawbone.

Types Of Dental Implants Jacksonville Florida Dentist

Implant-supported bridges are placed on the opposing sides of a missing tooth. Unlike single tooth implants, implant-supported bridges can also be used to replace multiple teeth that have been lost due to injury or decay.

The most common types of dental restoration are inlays and onlays. These are placed directly into the jawbone to restore teeth that have been lost due to injury or decay.

Full arch zirconia dental implants are the most popular type of implant-supported bridge. They replace the original teeth and help stimulate the jawbone to encourage new tissue growth.

Dental implants are super versatile, and choosing this option in Jacksonville, FL, can be a great method for smile restoration. Since they are an investment, it is very important to care for them properly. This means ensuring that they are cleaned per instructions from a dentist; eating a healthy diet, and making sure to keep up with regular dental appointments to make sure things are going smoothly.

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