What is the Difference between Veneers and Lumineers®?

What is the Difference between Veneers and Lumineers®?

Getting a new smile that is bright and straight can certainly be a dream for those currently dealing with discolored, chipped, or misshapen teeth.

Well, fortunately, patients can get the smiles of their dreams with Lumineers® and porcelain veneers in Jacksonville, FL.

Veneers and Lumineers are the latest in cosmetic restoration options, and a trusted dentist can help patients determine which option is the best for them.

However, some patients may still be wondering what each option is, and which one is the best possible option based on their goals and preferences.

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What is a Veneer?

Veneers are a type of cosmetic material that can restore a patient’s smile should there be any front teeth with small chips, cracks, stains, or gaps. Veneers may also be used to improve the appearance of misshapen teeth.

More Features of Veneers Include:

  • Veneers are made from a thicker material, such as porcelain
  • Veneers may require additional natural tooth adjustments
  • Veneers are typically offered universally as a restorative option
  • Veneers are more cost effective

What are Lumineers?

Lumineers are a type of veneers that require less preparation and dental work to be placed. Lumineers are a great cosmetic alternative for those looking for a lighter, more translucent cosmetic feel and look.

More Features of Lumineers Include:

  • Lumineers are thinner than porcelain veneers
  • Lumineers require less preparation time (no adjustments to natural teeth)
  • Lumineers are not offered by all dental professionals

Making an Educated Choice in Jacksonville, FL

Both Lumineers and porcelain veneers in Jacksonville, FL, are two great options to reveal a new smile in a relatively short amount of time. However, it is important for a patient’s dentist to be fully knowledgeable and educated on the process of these restorative options.

When a patient is educated by a dental professional, on the pros and cons of veneers and Lumineers, it ensures that patients are making the best possible decision based on credible knowledge. Whether a patient decides to choose veneers or Lumineers, either option will be a great way to reveal an aesthetically pleasing smile!

What’s Your Decision, Lumineers or Veneers?

Gain guidance from a skilled dentist to get started. Get in contact with our dentist, Dr. Jacqueline West, in our office in Jacksonville, FL, to schedule your next appointment today!